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Need a Break? Try Streaming Mid-August Lunch

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MID-AUGUST LUNCH (2008/ NETFLIX STREAMING) Need a break from all the Awards buzz? Try this sweet and funny Italian film available from Netflix on either DVD or streaming. It’s only 72 minutes long and will leave you smiling for sure. The story is simple: Gianni lives in Rome with his aged mother (played to perfection by 93 year old Valeria de Franciscis—a friend of the writer/director) in their lovely apartment. Taking care of her is a full-time job and he’s behind on payments to his co-op. Not to worry, says the co-op’s manager—do me a big favor—take care of my mother for a holiday weekend and I’ll waive what you owe. Sounds good, right? Gianni is not particularly excited about this, but what else can he do? The plot thickens when not just the manager’s mother but also his aged Aunt arrive to stay. And then comes the doctor’s mother as well! The four elderly ladies are a real hoot. Gianni is too and the food he prepares for his guests looks so good you’ll want to go out for Italian afterwards! Be sure to watch to the end—very clever.

Grade: A

BTW: Gianni Di Gregorio wrote and stars in this sweet film. He couldn’t be better—wine glass in hand for most of the film. Hey—you’d be drinking too! Check out this lovely interview with him in TimeOut London.

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