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The 2013 Oscars! That Was Weird!

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Soooo…what did you guys think of the Academy Awards? Was Seth MacFarlane a great host or the greatest host? Was Kristen Stewart’s hair the most beautiful and well-combed? Sigh. 2012 was a strange year, so we suppose our Oscars should be the same. Here are some of the most cringe-inducing and breathtaking moments, as judged by your SML friends, which will be as scattered as the ceremony. It’s a theme.

Cringe inducing moments: 

It's time to Lip Synch For Your Life!

It’s time to Lip Synch For Your Life!

Kimberly: *The odd banter between the stars of The Avengers–after ABC promoted their “reunion” on stage all week, it ended up being so awkward and anticlimactic. The chemistry they had in the movie was nonexistent.

*Poor Kirsten Chenoweth performing that song about losers over the closing credits–she’s always a good sport, but that was tacky. Also, this isn’t the Tonys!

*Kristen Stewart’s hair/attitude were a little lacking.

*Jennifer Lawrence winning over Emmanuelle Riva was disappointing. She hasn’t earned it yet.

Rebecca: *What exactly was that awkward intro from Paul Rudd and Melissa McCarthy?  Did they practice that?  Not good that it came so early in the broadcast either.

* How about Catherine Zeta Jones’ obvious lip syncing in that unnecessary “Chicago” tribute?  Lame.

*And speaking of Chicago, Renee Zellweger both looked and acted seriously out of it, yes?  Booze or botox?  Rumor blames it on the latter (as in, so much you can no longer move your mouth or speak clearly).

Sarah: *That suuuper long intro featuring Captain Kirk was not very funny (aside from the sock puppets) and, like a lot of the broadcast, oddly outdated. Blog jokes? Really?

*Same goes for Mark Wahlberg and Ted’s anti-semetic bit. In addition to being straight up offensive, that whole “Jews run Hollywood” schtick is also plain lazy.

*John Travolta in his fanciest lace-front wig trying to pronounce “Les Miserables.”

*Finally, I have nothing but love and respect for our First Lady, but that speech at the end seemed a little out of place, yes? Kick ass dress, though, Michelle. Gorge.


This person is actually singing, CZJ.

This person is actually singing, CZJ.

Breathtaking moments:

Kimberly: *Babs, of course (especially loved how she bantered right into the song–classic).

*Hugh Jackman running up to help Jennifer Lawrence when she stumbled on the stairs (always the gentleman).

*Jane Fonda’s dress/bod.

*Quentin Tarantino and his askew tie winning Best Screenplay–not sure that it was deserved, but it was a fun surprise.

Rebecca: *The “Flight” sock puppets cracked up my group—we had seen the movie together and felt they were dead on!!

*The Les Miserables cast was seriously rousing in their live perrformance–better than the movie really (shorter, for one thing!).

*Happy to see Ang Lee get his 2nd Directing Oscar–well deserved both times.

*Daniel Day Lewis gave the best of the speeches IMHO.  Loved his Margaret Thatcher swap line.

Sarah: *As Kimberly already noted, Babs’ “We shared so many…meeemmrieeeees…” was incredible. National treasure. See also, “GOOOOOLDFINGAH!”

*Christoph Waltz! Two time Oscar winner!

*The long flowing silver locks of at least three male Oscar winners that I can think of. Let it fly, gentlemen! It’s your night!

*Halle Berry’s dress. Charlize Theron’s face and hair and dress and whole being. Perfection.

*Adelle’s classy understated performance of the best Bond song since Goldfinger was the man with the Midas touch.


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