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Fabulous “Lovers” Not For Everyone

By / Thursday, May 8, 2014 / Category: Review / 1 comment

ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE (2013/IN THEATERS)  only lovers  Jim Jarmusch is something of an acquired taste, right?  I remember seeing “Stranger Than Paradise” (1984) on the big screen when it first appeared and thinking it was in a league by itself.   The latest effort from Jarmusch as writer/director brings us another “strange” bit of cinema, with humor, glamour, literature, art, music and…. vampires — what more can we ask?   Visually striking, the movie features gorgeous performances from  and  (Loki in the Thor movies) as centuries old vampire lovers Adam and Eve.  They could not be more beautiful to look at—Adam in all black, including his hair, and Eve in off-white, right down to her eye lashes.  There is a bit of a plot:  Adam is depressed, residing in his dilapidated Victorian mansion in some section of Detroit (a perfect setting), communicating electronically with his lover, Eve, who is in Tangier.  Worried about him, she catches overnight flights via Paris and soon arrives in the motor city.  From there the plot thickens a bit (as they say) when Eve’s little sister and trouble-maker Ava () arrives and essentially disturbs the peace, even inspiring the group to head out to a jazz/pop/new music club.  There are other supporting players in the movie:   as Dr. Watson (supplier of “the good stuff” to Adam),  as Christopher Marlowe (who supplies Eve with her “good stuff” in Tangier), and a wonderful  as Adam’s go-to “zombie” Ian.  Mind you, Adam refers to all us humans as Zombies!  The tour of Detroit in this movie brings to mind a night-time version of Anthony Bourdain’s popular CNN series “Parts Unknown.”  But no food of course :-) unless you’re into blood.  My friend Be and I loved the movie, but we warn you that it’s not for everyone.  Enjoy, if you go!


Grade:    A

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One Response to “Fabulous “Lovers” Not For Everyone”

  1. Be says:

    There was a lot of understated humor, worth a second viewing to get in on their past and hear who they are talking about. An aperitif to linger over.