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Tired of Action Flicks and YA Weepies?

By / Tuesday, June 10, 2014 / Category: Review / 1 comment

CHEF (2014/IN THEATERS) chef  If you’re looking for a little fun at the box office and you haven’t seen this lovely film yet, why not give ‘s “Chef” a go?  It’s pretty straight forward story-telling with a great cast, plenty of mouth watering food, fabulous salsa-y music and even a cute kid, plus two hot chicks – and —what more can you ask for?  How about  and  as sous-chefs?  Or even  as the bad guy restaurant owner of the film?  Add to that  as a snobby LA food critic and  in a cameo and you’re now part of a true  ensemble piece.  What fun!  The plot is simple—our hero, the Chef (Favreau), walks out of his fancy restaurant following a bad review and even worse argument with the owner (Hoffman).   Inspired to start over in Miami, he inherits a beat-up food truck and thanks to the help of his young son (played beautifully by young ) and his number two (Leguizamo), he works his way back—and I mean all the way back.  There’s nothing like a feel-good summer movie to start your June off right!  Be sure to catch it.  And save room for dinner afterwards.


Grade:    A


dinnerBTW:  Be sure to check out Favreau’s wonderful 2001-2005 series on IFC called “Dinner for Five.”  The idea was to gather five Hollywood types (many up and comers, and B-listers) over a nice dinner and just talk about anything and everything.  Many episodes are online now via YouTube.  The guest list is fabulous and so much fun.

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One Response to “Tired of Action Flicks and YA Weepies?”

  1. Be says:

    Best movie of the summer by far. Have seen it twice and look forward to another viewing in the future.